SILNAM has successfully delivered ICT Solutions and Systems for Institutions of Namibia through the provisioning of Software Solutions, Infrastructure solutions and Implementation Services, including Project Management, System design, Software Development, System configuration and Support Services for the following major Institutions of Namibia:

Government of Namibia - Ministry of Finance - Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS)

SILNAM has implemented and is supporting the IFMS for Government of Namibia for Treasury Accounting and Public Expenditure Management for 35 Line Ministries and more than 1200 users on ORACLE and SUN Microsystems Technologies. SILNAM has also implemented a Disaster Recovery Solution for the Ministry of Finance for the IFMS. The System has been running live since April 2006.

Government Institution Pension Fund of Namibia - Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System

SILNAM has implemented and is supporting the Integrated Financial and Human Resource Management System (IFMS & HRMS) for the Government Institutions Pension Fund of Namibia (GIPF). The System integrates with the following Systems of the GIPF and external party systems:

  • Pension Management System of the GIPF
  • Banking System of First National Bank (South Africa)
  • Banking System of NAMPOST

Namibia Airports Company – ERP

SILNAM has implemented and is supporting the Namibia Airports Company for an Enterprise Wide Data Management System comprising Financial, Human Resource, Asset, Facilities Management. The solution also comprise an Airports Management Systems that was developed by our French Partner – RESA Solutions.

Ministry of Trade and Industry - The Integrated Company Registration Information System (ICRS)

SILNAM has implemented and is supporting the Integrated Company Registration System for the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Namibia (GRN). The project was initiated through a joint agreement between the Government of Mauritius and Namibia. The ICRS is a fully integrated system with the following modules:

  • Company Registration and Maintenance
  • Fees Monitoring
  • Cash Collections
  • Debtors Monitoring

The system runs on SUN-SOLARIS 10 /ORACLE 10g Technologies.

WEB Based Business Registration System

SILNAM has developed BIPA website and a Web ICRS module which is a scaled down version of ICRS to cater for ease of access to the Public and Agencies for registration of businesses via its Portal. It is being deployed in Namibia to enable Citizen to Government (C2G), Government to Government (G2G), and Business to Government (B2G) type of services. It has been designed taking into context the E-Government initiatives of developing nations. The System is live since November 2013. The website is available on

Ministry of Education – Education Management Information System (EMIS)

SILNAM has implemented the Annual Education Census (AEC) module for Education Management Information System (EMIS) for the Ministry of Education (GRN). The project was advertised by Ministry of Education under UNICEF. The EMIS includes the following main deliverable:

  • AEC Survey Capturing System, 15th School Day Survey, School Register of Needs, Register of Vulnerable Children at Schools
  • Survey Statistic Reports
  • Data Cleaning Script
  • Migration of AEC Data (1992 – 2006)


The system runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 / ORACLE 10g Technologies. The System went live in 2007. SILNAM is currently working with the Ministry of Education to enhance the System.

Motor Vehicle Accident Fund of Namibia - Enterprise Wide Management Information System

SILNAM has implemented an Enterprise Wide Information Management System for the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund of Namibia using, comprising Customer Relation Management (CRM) Solution for customer-facing (citizen-centric) operations of the Fund. The CRM solution enables the Fund to effectively manage the following areas:


  • Call Centre Operations
  • Registrations of Accidents reported through the Call Centre
  • Managing Accident Cases
  • Handling of Claims, Claims Processing and Payments


The solution is integrated with the Financial and Human Resource Management System of the Fund as well as Oracle Universal Content Management. The project went live in October 2011 and has thus far successfully automated the business processes and is well on its way to better enhancing the activities and services of the Fund.

Namibia Planning Commission – Development Budget and Performance Management System

SILNAM has implemented the National Integrated Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation System (NIMRES) Project for the Government of Namibia to monitor programs under the National Development Plans of Namibia aligned with VISION 2030.


The system intends to enable the National Planning Commission, line ministries and regional councils to “systematically plan, implement, monitor and report on performance based on results”. NIMRES is also be integrated with the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) to ensure strategic linkages between the budgetary process and programme performance. The system provides a basis for Result Based Management. The result frameworks cascades down to project level, with indicators of performance for different socio-economic and administration sectors of the nation. The system operates over the Government intranet and is linked to the Integrated Financial Management system of Government for monitoring of actual expenditures on projects and programs.

Office of the Prime Minister: E-Government Strategic Plan for Namibia

SILNAM has developed a Public Sector E-Government Strategic Action Plan (2014-2018) for the Government of Namibia in collaboration with Deloitte Namibia & Deloitte India.

SILNAM provides support and advisory services to the Government on matters of Public Expenditure Management, Capacity Building and interact with World Bank and International Monetary Fund officers to assist the Ministry of Finance plan the move and implementation of Program-Activity based and Performance based budgeting approach.

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