Implemented Projects

The IFMS Project for Ministry of Finance, Namibia

SILNAM has successfully implemented and has been supporting the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) for all the Ministries of the Government Republic of Namibia (GRN) since 2006. The project was initiated by the Ministry of Finance together with the Department of Public Service Information Technology Management in the Office of the Prime Minister and was awarded through tendering process. The project has been implemented using best practices as recommended by World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The IFMS Project Team from GRN was established consisting of various team members from Ministry of Finance and various different Offices/Ministries/Agencies (O/M/As), and worked with the SILNAM team to develop modules according to the user requirement specifications and to ensure the transfer of skills and governmental ownership of the proposed solution.

The IFMS System runs on SUN Microsystems Hardware (now Oracle HW), Solaris, Oracle and Veritas technology. In April 2012, the IFMS was upgraded to the release 12 of the Oracle Financial E-Business Suite. The following modules from the Oracle Financial E-Business Suite are used for the IFMS, namely: General Ledger, Oracle Purchasing, Fixed Assets, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management module

The IFMS also comprise a mix of custom developed modules integrated to Oracle Financial Modules described above. The development was done on Oracle Internet Developer Suite (Forms and Report) 9i and 10g. The following modules have been developed, namely: , Payroll, Subsistence & Travel (S&T), Medical Aid and Housing Collateral. These modules are fully integrated to the Treasury Accounting Modules running on Oracle Financials. Data for all suppliers of Government and for above 80,000 Government employees was migrated from previous legacy systems to the IFMS. For example, currently Oracle Accounts Payable comprise above 65,000 suppliers while Oracle Payroll successfully manages the salary and details of over 100,000 Government employees.

The IFMS integrates / Interfaces with 8 external systems, namely:

  1. Bank of Namibia (For Bank Reconciliation and payments through EFT)
  2. Cash Collection Module
  3. Payroll Deductions Management System
  4. Government Pension Fund
  5. Social Security Commission
  6. Government Garage
  7. Inland Revenue Department (Tax Collection System)
  8. Custom and Excise Department (ASYCUDA System)

SILNAM has also successfully set up the Disaster Recovery Infrastructure for the IFMS project of the GRN, using Oracle Data Guard for Data Replication over Wireless Network to the Office of the Prime Minister (some 2 kms away from the Ministry of Finance, which is the Production site). The Ministry of Finance had subsequently moved the DR site to the building of Telecom Namibia and data is transmitted through fibre optic cables.

Over 1200 Government officials have been trained on the IFMS through the “Train the Trainer” approach, whereby Government Officers (as Team Leaders) are trained to deliver internal training to end users. These trainings are regularly run to update educate and empower users.

Support and Maintenance Services on the IFMS is provided through a defined support structure and Help-Desk mechanism. SILNAM deploy Oracle certified resources for its support services on the IFMS.

The EMIS – AEC Project for Ministry of Education

SILNAM has successfully implemented the Annual Education Census (AEC) module for Education Management Information System (EMIS) for the Ministry of Education (GRN). The project was advertised by Ministry of Education under the FINNISH Support to the Namibian Decentralisation Process (FiSNDP). The EMIS - AEC project includes the following main deliverable:

  1. AEC Survey Capturing System
  2. Survey Statistic Reports
  3. Data Cleaning Script
  4. Migration of AEC Data (1992 – 2006)

The system runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 / ORACLE 10g Technologies.

The ICRS Project for Ministry of Trade and Industry, Namibia

SILNAM has successfully implemented and is supporting the Integrated Company Registration System for the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Namibia. The Business Registration System is a suite of products currently running in three States in the SADC, namely Mauritius, Namibia and Botswana. The Solutions are live since 2006 and currently being used by the three countries. The ICRS is a fully integrated system with the following modules:

  1. Company Registration and Maintenance
  2. Fees Monitoring
  3. Cash Collections
  4. Debtors Monitoring

The system runs on a 3 tier architecture using Oracle database, Oracle Application Server and a browser. The system runs on SUN-SOLARIS 10 /ORACLE 10g Technologies.

The IFMS-HRMS Project for GIPF

SILNAM has successfully implemented the Integrated Finance and Human Resource Management System (IFMS & HRMS) for the Government Institutions Pension fund of Namibia (GIPF). The System has been implemented using ORACLE E-Business Suite Release 12 and Oracle Database 10g. The System integrates / interfaces with the following Systems of the GIPF and external party systems:

  1. Pension Management System of the GIPF
  2. Banking System of First National Bank (South Africa)
  3. Banking System of NAMPOST

The Government Fixed Asset Management System

SILNAM is currently implementing an Asset Management System for the Ministry of Works and Transport, using ORACLE E-Business Suite for Property Management and Asset Maintenance Management.

The Land Tax Reconciliation System for Ministry of Lands and Resettlement

SILNAM is currently implementing an Integrated Land Tax Reconciliation System for the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement on Oracle Technologies, Internet Developer Suite 10g. The System will integrate with the Tax Collection System of the Ministry of Finance.

Performance Management System for the National Planning Commission

SILNAM has recently implemented the “National Integrated Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation System” (NIMRES) for the Government of the Republic of Namibia under the aegis of National Planning Commission, Office of President. The NIMRES comprises two modules, namely:

  1. The National Performance Management System (NPMS), for monitoring and reporting of achievements of the objectives of the National Development Plans, and

  2. The Project Planning and Performance Management system (PPPMS) for the formulation, monitoring of execution and reporting on development projects under the National Development Plans

  3. There is a public facing web-site which presents the status of the objectives

  4. The design, modeling and development of the NIMRES was based on the 3rd National Development Plan (NDP3), with Performance Management Framework based on the Logic Model comprising Inputs, Activities, Projects, Outputs and Outcomes (at Programme, Sectoral and National Levels)

The technology used for the development and implementation of the NIMRES comprises:

For National Performance Management System (NPMS):

  1. Hyperion Performance Scorecard
  2. Oracle Database
  3. Oracle Tools (SQL,PLSQL)
  4. Oracle BI Publisher

For Project Planning and Performance Management System (PPPMS):

  1. Oracle Forms
  2. Oracle Database
  3. Oracle Application Server

For NIMRES website:

  1. PHP, ZEND, MySql

E-Government Action Plan

SILNAM has been awarded a contract by the Office of the Prime Minister to draft the Government of Namibia E-Government Action Plan. The project will be executed together with DELOITE and Indian E-Government Consultants.

Motor Vehicle Accident Fund of Namibia

Silnam has successfully implemented a Case Management System for the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund of Namibia using Oracle Siebel CRM. Siebel delivers a combination of transactional, analytical, and engagement features to manage all customer-facing (citizen-centric) operations of the Fund. Siebel CRM enables the Fund to effectively manage the following areas:

  1. Call Centre Operations
  2. Registrations of Accidents reported through the Call Centre
  3. Managing Accident
  4. Handling of Claims, Claims Processing and Payments

The Siebel CRM is fully integrated with the Oracle E-Business Suite of applications that is used for:

Human Resources Management System

  1. Employee Record Management
  2. Payroll
  3. Oracle Self Service Human Resources
  4. Performance Management

Integrated Financial Management System

  1. Oracle Purchasing
  2. Oracle Payables
  3. Oracle Fixed Assets
  4. Oracle Receivables
  5. Cash Management
  6. Oracle General Ledger

Oracle Universal Content Management

Siebel CRM went live in October 2011 and has thus far successfully automated the business processes and is well on its way to better enhancing the activities and services of the Fund.